Baby i like

25. října 2008 v 22:57 | Stacia |  Text
Yeah... US5...

I like the way you work...
I like the way youre teasin me...
I wanna be your fantasy...

Girl, I like the way you move
Seeing you from across the room
I feel your body close to mine
The temperature is rising now
Fancy cars and neon lights
Take us to another hype
So how about we spend our lives
Together, forever

She's so right, pure delight
I just wanna hold her tight
Feel my body shaking
Cuz I like it (I like it)
Don't think twice, be my wife
Take a trip to paradise
I wanna make you satisfied
Cuz you're the one I like

Baby, I like the way you work the body for me
You do it so sensationally
I like the way you're teasin' me
Girl, I like to take you on a journey with me
I wanna be your fantasy
I wanna be your everything tonight

Can we getting closer now
Don't be shy, just let it out
I take you on a magic ride
We can do it every night
I feel your body hot like fire
All your wish is my desire
So tell me what you're liking
I will be there, I'll be there
Tell me what you wanna do
Girl, I'm waiting for a sign
This feeling in the air and I like it
Physical attraction to make it understood
Call a friend or two for a rendezvous
We can party all night

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